Zeldin: Decision on Iran Deal Sends Right Signal to NKorea

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement sends the right signal to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about being serious about the upcoming summit between the two leaders, Rep. Lee Zeldin said Friday.

“It shows you we’re serious and not going to agree to a bad deal, and not going to get played at the negotiating table,” the New York Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“If you become the president of the United States and leader of the free world, and you are the president of the greatest country in the entire world, and when you sit down at that table with North Korea and sit down at that table with Iran, best starting hand in poker is pocket aces.”

“What President Trump is showing is we are the United States of America,” said Zeldin. “We’re the leader of the free world. We are a strong nation with the most powerful military in the world. We want peace. We want a fair deal.We’re not going to get played at the negotiating table and it sends a message to the North Koreans don’t try to roll us like Iran did.”

Zeldin said that there may be huge progress over the next few months, considering that John Bolton is national security adviser and Mike Pompeo heads the State Department.

“We’re seeing great people around President Trump giving him excellent advice, and I think that we are not going to get played,” he said. “They won’t allowed the president to get played. The president won’t allow himself to get played. I think if this summit takes place on June 12, it’s going to be one that up front is one that’s demonstrating progress. We saw it this week with our freed Americans.”

Meanwhile, Zeldin said the United States needs to deal with “Iran’s nefarious bad, illegal, terrorist activities.”

“President Trump is saying we need to strengthen the verification regime, but the demands are reasonable,” said Zeldin.

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