Democrat up 2 points in latest PA-18 special election poll

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The special election for Pennsylvania Congressional District 18 could not be tighter and in the most recent poll, the Democrat is up over the Republican that Trump supports.

Conor Lamb (D) has made a surprising push in the heavily Republican 18th district going from 12 points down in January to +2 over his Republican rival, Rick Saccone, yesterday.

If Lamb takes the U.S. House seat in Tuesday’s election, it could be an indication that Democrats are making significant headway towards flipping one or both chambers of Congress.

“A near win shows you we’re over-performing in these districts – this is an R+11 district, we’re not supposed to be competitive here,” said Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA). “If we win it is a real sign of the coming wave,” said Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Penn.

The Congressional Leadership Fund has dumped about $7 million into a race that shouldn’t have needed that much financial support. An ineffective campaign, a weak candidate and Conor Lamb’s success at painting himself as a centrist have combined to make a neck-and-neck competition in a red district.

President Donald Trump went to the Pittsburgh area Saturday evening to hold a “Make America Great” rally during which Saccone took the stage to make his case then Trump voiced his support for the Republican during his remarks. The country will find out tomorrow night whether it made a difference.

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