Hertz joins Enterprise in rental car company hatred of NRA members

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Hertz joined the left-wing extremist #BoycottNRA movement Friday when it announced that it was ending its NRA discount program.

“We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz,” the company tweeted Friday.

Hertz joins Enterprise rent-a-car and Nebraska-based bank in the boycott of the massively popular gun rights organization and potential car renters aren’t very happy about it.

The rental car boycott of NRA members is similar to a failed boycott of Fox News host Sean Hannity. Progressive groups pressured military family insurer USAA to pull their ads from the show but just days later, after realizing that left-wingers aren’t actually their customers, the company reinstated their relationship with Hannity. The same thing happened with coffee maker manufacturer Keurig.

Progressive extremists are loud, but they aren’t as numerous as their vociferous social media presence seems to indicate. The backlash of 5 million NRA members plus the majority of Americans who favor the second amendment will hurt Hertz much more than the rental car company’s silly public action will hurt the NRA. Seriously, how does ending a rental car discount hurt the NRA exactly?

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